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        In 1997 I was asked if I could use my illustration and painting skills to create a mural for a local golf store. Little did I know this was the start of a new career. Since that first job I have completed numerous paintings for businesses and homes in New England. Although most of my work has revolved around sports themes and childrens rooms I have a vast background painting landscapes, portraits, and other diverse subjects.
        As an illustration major at the University of Hartford Art School in 1992 I have always enjoied capturing moments with line, color and detail. From my earliest childhood days I was producing drawings on the largest poster sized paper I could find. Today I am creating murals covering the entire sides of a building, and painting detailed spot murals. From the largest walls to the smallest spaces I have found my artistic passion through my murals.
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        One theme I try to incoporate into each mural are personalized additions which have close meaning for each client. Many times I have added names or figures into the composition for the family or customers to find. If you look carefully at some of the galleries you may notice hidden names and fun additions which give the mural a personality. Painting smaller scenes within a mural is a common request. These are personalized treasures clients always show their friends and enjoy for years.
        Creating murals are fun and exciting, it's that simple. I enjoy working with clients and creating designs they will always cherish. I look forward to the years ahead and the challenging projects. Maybe I can create a special mural for your home or business.

                            Sincerely, Michael Scott
        Many staff members at this golf store were Boston Red Sox fans, so I decided to paint the starting line up from the 2004 world series team. This is an example of personalizing a mural for a client.
In November of 1997 the Augusta 12th hole was one of Mike's first completed murals. It's part of a 4 mural series created for the Cranston, RI. Golfers' Warehouse.
If you look carefully you will also see happy birthday wishes for a friend. In the spirit of " where's Waldo ", sometimes family members and friends will be hidden inside a mural. This has become a tradition I enjoy painting for all customers.