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        Pricing for murals usually depends on the size and complexity of the project. Each idividual project has many details which must be factored into the final cost. The amount of detail and personal wishes from the client, along with the size of the wall, are the areas the artist must consider when pricing. Sometimes a well known or simple project will have a set price and agreed upon by both the client and artist. Many times there might be questions at the start of the project. Murals can evolve during the painting process with additions from the client and other details not clearly resolved when starting the mural. For larger murals or multiple projects an hourly rate might be used. When possible a set price will be used and not exceeded unless additional details are requested during the painting process. Payment for the murals is due upon the completion of the painting unless other arrangements have been settled between both parties.
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        For businesses there are options which can reduce the cost for these murals. Many times a sponsors logo can be created within or along side the mural for a prominant advertising advantage. These names and designs can be the owners personal business logo, or sponsors can be found to help cover some or maybe the full cost of the mural. In exchange for their name on the mural you can have a unique decorative design for your customers. Many local businesses look for opportunities to have their name spread through custom advertising and are looking for these options. Sometimes family and friends will sponsor a mural for a business they know and admire. Please look through the galleries to find examples of businesses using this option and the advertising advantage it offers.
This Fenway Park mural would be an example of high detail painting. There are many small details and careful accuracy given to the stadium features.
This Golfers' Warehouse used sponsors for most of their murals in all five store locations. This option covered most of the cost and provided a unique feeling for their business and customers.
        The first trip to meet the client is always free of charge. This is used to find if the clients vision meets the criteria to complete the mural. Once the ideas are discusses and the project agreed upon a time table will be set from start to finsh. Some murals may need extensive reference work, multiple sketches, and a comfortable period of time to finish the project. Murals painted outside the greater Hartford area may incur transportation or lodging expenses which will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties as part of the contract.
This wood baseball bat company in Enfield, CT had a large empty area above the workshop and wanted their 8'x 5' logo centered in the shop. This was a one day project and gave the customers an easy way to remember the business logo.
This Hartford baseball training facility used the Yankee Stadium background for sponsorships. These two businesses had 3'x8' signs made to fit inside the mural. These signs are fixed to the wall but can be rotated yearly for additional sponsors.