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1997 Golfers' Warehouse Cranston, RI. Cypress Point and Augusta National
I returned to Golfers' Warehouse 11 years after my first murals there to paint an outdoor mural which drivers could see off Route 37 in Cranston, RI. Due to a heavy grid existing on the building I used a mosaic style of painting to get this pixelated effect. Each block of color is about 3 inches square.
These are 2 of the first murals I completed in 1997. From these paintings my mural career really started. As an illustrator just out of art school I worked no larger than a standard pencil could take me. These murals in Cranston opened my mind to the visual impact which can be made for businesses and homes. I am greeted with big smiles when someone learns I have created murals they have seen around the town. So these paintings have a special meaning to my personal career as a muralist.
"Golfball on the Edge"
Outdoor Mosaic Style
Golfers' Warehouse Cranston, RI  16'x 58'