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        Getting Started
Before creating a mural many factors must be considered. Areas to be discused would be the size and dimentions of the mural, which wall(s) are available, the subject matter and the amount of detail the owner wishes to see. Other factors such as the wall texture, time constraints, and estimated cost of the project should be reviewed at the beginning of each mural. The artist and client will work together, exchange ideas, then conclude with a start up plan.
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      Preparing the Design
The artist will make the first trip to see the client at no cost. Once the project has been reviewed and agreed upon the artist will submit sketches for the clients approval. Research of subject matter is often necessary, it is important the artist has a good understanding of the clients ideas regarding details before the painting begins. All murals are created with interior or exterior acrylic house paints unless specifically outlined by the client.
        The size and complexity of the mural usually determines the cost, price varies with each individual project. Sometimes a large and simple mural might take the same amount of time to complete as a small detailed painting. The client and artist will discuss and agree upon a final price. Once contracted the final cost will not exceed that amount unless some additional details are requested by the client during the painting period. Projects created outside the greater Hartford area may uncur transportation and lodging expenses which will be reviewed and agreed upon by both parties as part of the contract.
        Above you can see a couple murals in progress. Usually muarls are painted from top to bottom, dark to light, and back to front. Many times a base color will be laid down before the final true color is applied on top. Each mural is carefully outlined to determine which areas will be painted first, and which details can wait for the final hours. Sometimes during the painting process additions can be made and final compositions can be altered, but it is important to discuss these changes with the artist before the smaller details are completed. You can check the "Current Project" page to see examples of other murals in progress and recently completed.
This baseball stadium mural took about 10 days to complete. While working some details were completed early on while other areas were left unfinished until the final day of work. Note the finished areas are in the distance ( working back to front ) and the details closer to the viewer are saved for later.