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Yankees Stadium Hitters Background  at Baseball City in Hartford, CT.  17'x 33'
This baseball facility wanted to have the centerfield backgrounds of all the major league New England teams. Derek Jeter's 2006 runner up MVP statistics were used to decorate the scoreboard.
This centerfield background for Shea Stadium not only gives the batters a realistic feel for the stadium but the mural also acts as a camouflage to hide the cinder blocks and heating pipes for the facility.
Shea Stadium Background at Baseball City  17'x 33'
Fenway Park hitters background at Baseball City in Hartford, CT  17'x 33'
About 100 times during the year birthday parties at Baseball City will have wiffleball games and hitting contests in the Fenway Park cage. This offers much more for the kids and parents than just a plain backgorund color.