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This mural was recently completed in Cranston RI. for their Golfers Warehouse store. This mural sponsored by Srixon Golf was painted on the rear wall of the business just off Route 37 to help drivers locate the store and to brighten up the back parking lot. The wall had a permanent grid pattern so the decision was made to create a design using blocks of color, therefore incorpoating the grid as part of the mural.
This project in progress is the design at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT. A current hallway connecting two rooms of vintage aircraft has been transformed into a "Kidsport", a mini airpot for children to learn about aviation. The walls have been completed with clouds and 16 historic aircraft. The floor has been painted depicting a runway with taxi ways turning towards buildings you will find at an airport. Each building and airport vehicle will hold touch screen computers for the children to use as they expand their knowledge of aviation.
Golfball on the Edge  Cranston RI.  16'x 58'
Kidsport at The New England Air Museum
Above are constructed buildings which are being painted to resemble a towing tug with flatbed and cargo container, a hangar building, and control tower. Each will have a computer with touch screen software to help children learn about aviation and the museum.